CALNI warns INVEST NI to halt

Following on from court proceedings aimed at stopping what local people are now dubbing ‘The Moy Park Incinerator’, CALNI has sent Invest NI a legal letter warning them to withhold a proposed combined £100 million funding package for the project until the conclusion of the planning permission legal challenge.

Solicitors for the community group CALNI have told Invest NI that if it permits the release of any public funding for the Incinerator while its planning permission is being legally challenged, Invest NI will also be the subject of a Judicial Review.

Speaking today Ray Clarke, Chairman of CALNI said, “CALNI understands that the proposed Moy Park incinerator at Glenavy is likely to require £30million in direct Invest NI capital funding with a potential additional £70million Invest NI backed loan guarantee to underwrite the overall construction cost.

“CALNI is therefore putting Invest NI on notice that it should not release any public funding whilst the planning permission for the incinerator is the subject of legal challenge. No bank or lending institution would dare release funding for a similar private sector project without unfettered planning permission.”

He added, “CALNI is also investigating how much public money Moy Park has received in total over the last ten years.  Considering Moy Park is now owned by the hugely profitable Brazilian meat and poultry processor Marfrig, the Northern Ireland public deserves to know the truth about what is going on within Invest NI in relation to Moy Park and the incinerator.

 Criticising the strategic approach taken by DETI and Invest NI to the poultry waste incinerator Mr Clarke said, “CALNI’s several thousand supporters continue to be dismayed at the level of incompetence being displayed by the Stormont Executive in its management of this incinerator project. Why is such massive public funding being offered to one company to build an incinerator for poultry waste without any attempt by Government to offer the funding through a competitive public procurement process which would allow other experienced waste management companies to bring forward alternative proposals and guarantee best value for taxpayer’s money?

“In a supposed age of austerity, the Stormont Executive continues to display all the business acumen and financial skills of a third world dictatorship”, he concluded.

Letter to Mr Andrew Horne, Invest NI 


  1. Copy attached of legal letter sent by Carson McDowell Solicitors on behalf of CALNI to Invest NI threatening legal action if Invest NI releases any public funding for the incinerator whilst the planning permission is subject of legal challenge.
  2. Since its takeover of O’Kane Poultry this year, Moy Park is now the majority shareholder in the venture behind the Glenavy incinerator called Rose Energy. CALNI has decided for the sake of public clarity and understanding to therefore describe the incinerator project as the Moy Park Incinerator.
  3. The proposed incinerator site lies off the Ballyvannon Road near Glenavy in the green belt. It lies within an Area of High Scenic Value. It is also adjacent to a European Special Protected Area of Special Scientific Interest and RAMSAR wetland.
  4. At 6.4 acres in built form including an 80 metre chimney stack as tall as Windsor House in Belfast, the Incinerator will totally blight the local rural landscape. It will be visible from 80% of the surface water of Lough Neagh and from every County which borders the Lough.
  5. The incinerator will extract 3.84 million litres of water per day from Lough Neagh to cool the incinerator. The company will discharge 1.2 million litres of treated effluent back into the Glenavy River on a daily basis at a temperature anywhere between one and eight degrees Celsius warmer than the river temperature. This will have a devastating impact on the river ecosystem and aquatic life.
  6. 7,000 people have objected to the incinerator proposal. The CALNI Group has spent £400,000 to date and will use further significant resources to fight the incinerator planning permission using various retained planning, environmental and legal experts. The Barristers and Solicitors retained by CALNI have experience of taking planning cases to Europe.

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