Paris the centre of Lough Neagh Incinerator protest

The controversial Lough Neagh Incinerator protest was taken to Paris this weekend as members of the local community picketed the Marfrig stand at SIAL, Europe’s largest food exhibition.

CALNI Chairman Ray Clarke in discussion with Tony O’Neill on the Marfrig stand at the Paris exhibition

Ray Clarke, Chairman of Communities Against the Lough Neagh Incinerator led a delegation handing in a letter of protest to the Brazilian owners of Moy Park and vowed that this would not be the last foray into Europe to protest at the potential destruction of Lough Neagh.

The protestors created a major stir at the exhibition which was used to the protests outside the hall but exhibitors and buyers were keen to hear from CALNI about their cause.

“Not only did we get a great deal of supportive comments at the exhibition, we also took our protest around Paris and found that people were appalled at the very idea of an incinerator being proposed for such an important water source,” said Ray Clarke.

“Our purpose in making a protest at SIAL was to make sure that Marfrig and Moy Park were aware that we are determined to take our message as far around the world as necessary to expose this project.

“Northern Ireland rightly has an enviable reputation for air purity and food quality. We want to support the agri-food industry but we cannot allow the rhetoric of Moy Park go unchallenged.

“We have more plans to take this battle outside Northern Ireland and into the business arena of those proposing to profit from the incinerator”, he vowed.


Click here to read the Marfrig_Open_Letter 

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