CALNI demand INI CEO demonstrates transparency on

The Rose Energy Incinerator cannot go ahead without a multimillion pound taxpayers’ subsidy from Invest NI but local residents are being blocked from seeing the business plan and case work.

Demanding transparency from the Invest NI Chief Executive Alastair Hamilton, who will take into account the economic argument for the Incinerator, angry campaigners want the right to see all relevant information including the Ministerial Summary and all correspondence with Minister Foster and her office on this issue.

“We need this level of transparency to realise our legal right to make a full assessment of the economics of the proposal and to mount a meaningful objection on the facts,” explains CALNI Chairman Ray Clarke.

“Rose Energy has made this a public interest issue from the outset and as such has brought the issue of economics onto the table. Invest NI is being asked to be an investor in the Rose Energy business on behalf of taxpayers and it will do untold damage to the reputation of Invest NI if they were forced to make a decision cloaked in secrecy under the guise of commercial confidentiality.

“We believe there are significant grounds at the very least, for Invest NI to suggest moving this project to its own site in Ballymena adjacent to the Michelin plant which it previously identified as suitable for a ‘Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant based on poultry litter and associated streams as a primary fuel’.

“Not only should the Board of Invest NI request its Minister add her voice to the calls for a public inquiry we demand that the case work on the Rose Energy project is suspended until such time as the planning application has run its full course.

“This will not be railroaded through by politicians and Ministers who have pressurised civil servants to create a favourable response to the shroud waving of Moy Park, O’Kane’s Poultry and Glenfarm Holdings.

“In the same way that MLA expenses are open to the disinfectant of sunlight we will bring a similar spotlight onto any flawed legal decision by our Ministers through a Judicial Review and European Court action if necessary,” he promised.

A delegation of Lough Neagh residents brought their letter directly to the offices of Invest Northern Ireland and presented a stunningly beautiful framed photograph of the proposed site as it is now to Maynard Mawhinney.

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