CALNI hand over letter to Marfrig Group, Sial Food Expo, Paris

CALNI Chairman Ray Clarke handed over a letter highlighting the community’s strengthening opposition to the Moy Park Incinerator at the Marfrig Stand in the Sial Food Expo in Paris.

Marfrig’s, Tony O’Neill, seen photographed with Ray accepted the letter on behalf of the company. Tony who was formerly the Managing Director of O’Kane Poultry is now a key member of the Marfrig executive team in Europe. He remains Chairman of Rose Energy, the subsidiary behind the Moy Park Incinerator.

Speaking from Paris, CALNI Chairman Ray Clarke said,

“We’ve known Tony since January 2008, so almost three years. On a personal level I’ve nothing but admiration of what Tony has achieved in turning around O’Kane Poultry and engineering the eventual sale to Moy Park (and ultimately Marfrig). His contribution undoubtedly saved several thousand jobs in Northern Ireland and should be commended!”

But he went on to add,

“We made our community’s position on the incinerator completely clear to Tony in a meeting at the Glenfarm HQ in April 2008. Nothing has happened in the interim to change our minds, in fact, if anything developments over the last few years have hardened our resolve. These range from understanding planning policy and our community’s right to environmental justice under EU law and UN directives; that the proposed site is in a designated area of high scenic value and in the green belt, so the plant is unacceptable under planning policy; the science of incineration and notably emission problems with plants commissioned in the last few years; water extraction from Lough Neagh; and the implications of warm water being discharged into the Lough. We cannot and will not accept the Moy Park Incinerator in our area!”

“We must protect the future of our area and Lough Neagh for generations to come.”

Ray went on to emphasise that the O’Kane Poultry and Moy Park merge into the Marfrig Group should have a profound impact on how they approach the incinerator project.

“At the simplest level, public companies like Marfrig strive to partner with local communities to build strong and lasting links. Glenfarm subsidiary ‘Ulster Farm By Products’ is one of Northern Ireland’s worst industrial polluters, generating close to 1000 complaints [to NIEA] for nuisance odour in our area over the last decade. They are not a suitable Marfrig partner for this venture, nor is proceeding to build a plant despite overwhelming community objection an acceptable business practice. We implore Marfrig to reconsider their stance on this project.”

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