HGV wheel spin

‘Spin’ is the use of a statement which, although true in its original context, deliberately misleads in the retelling. Here is an example of Rose Energy spin.

There are two bridges near Glenavy Main Street. The pedestrian foot bridge crosses the main A26 road at a point where the road is straight and wide and even has room for traffic to wait in the middle of the road to turn right. The statement in the Rose Energy planning application that this road has a capacity of 13,000 vehicles per day is accurate. That is one vehicle every five seconds over an eighteen hour day.

Rose have quoted that figure in the press to imply that all the roads around Glenavy have a capacity of 13,000 vehicles per day. They then go on to say that their one lorry every eight minutes won’t make a difference.

Consider the other bridge in Glenavy, the railway bridge over the Glen Road. Here, the HGV’s will have to go along the middle of the road to get under the bridge. They can’t see far enough along the road to see if an oncoming lorry is approaching the bridge. Imagine an HGV passing every eight minutes. All along the three routes on the plan, which is taken from the Rose Energy’s 2009 update to their planning application, there are places where it is difficult for vehicles to pass an HGV. There are junctions where HGV’s have to go on the wrong side of the road to make the turn. There are places where children wait for the school bus.

Map of HGV routes to the site proposed by Rose Energy in their planning application

If you use the roads listed on the plan, the Rose Energy application will affect you. CALNI has commissioned a report from JMP Consultants Limited that clearly shows that

  • Road users and pedestrians are going to be inconvenienced and their safety put at risk.
  • There are going to be more accidents on Glenavy roads.
  • The roads and verges are going to be damaged, leading to increased maintenance costs to be paid for by you, the tax payer.

Click here to read or print the full report.


Blue Route
From Ballyvannon Road, down Lurgan Road turning onto the Station Road, then via Upper Ballinderry onto the A26

Red Route

To and From Ballyvannon Road, up the Lurgan Road, up Aughnadarragh Road, turning into the Crumlin Road, then down Gobrana Road onto the A26

Yellow Route
To and From Ballyvannon Road, straight up Edendenture Road, onto Glen Road, turning into Crumlin Main Street then onto the A26

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